Ava Addams aka FTV Luna streaking nude

More public nudity shots of Ava Addams aka FTV Luna from the crew at FTV Girls.


Ava Addams pops out one of her big natural boobs and flashes some pussy on the side of the road. It’s a beautiful day for some streaking.


Ava Addams flashes some double trouble while the guys across the street have no clue this hottie is showing her titties and cooch behind them.


The coast is clear, so Ava Addams quickly slinks out of that summer dress. It’s the only piece of clothing she’s wearing so with one shrug she’s completely naked.


Ava Addams leaves the safety of the sidewalk and streaks across the road in the buff, those amazing boobs bouncing and wiggling with every step.

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Ava Addams aka FTV Luna flashing outside cafe

“The next day, her, the photog and I went to lunch and there came my first challenge-flashing in a public place! I’ve appeared in several Playboy Special editions and on Playboy.com-All naturals so I’m very comfortable with nudity but boy was this harder than I thought!”


Danielle FTV giving Ava Addams some pointers on her first public nudity for FTV Girls in 2008. She chose the name FTV Luna just for the site, before she became more popular on the internet.


Shyly at first, Ava Addams exposes her big natural breasts in front of the café.


She’s a little nervous the people behind might see her flashing but that makes it even more exciting. I wonder how many pictures that dude took on his camera phone…


Just around the corner, Ava Addams pulls down her top so passing people on the street can get a quick flash of her big boobs. This is one girl who will one day be the sexiest wife in the neighborhood.

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Ava Addams pops out of car naked

How to make a grand entrance, by Ava Addams:

Step 1. Arrive naked.

Step 2. See Step 1.


Ava Addams arrives in a car for the day’s shoot at FTV Girls completely naked.


Danielle FTV is pleased to help Ava Addams out of the car and lead her around.


Both girls top for a few glamour pictures. Lots of curves here to feast your eyes on.


The full body shot. How does Ava Addams maintain such a tiny waist? I love it.

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Ava Addams aka FTV Luna spread pussy closeups


Danielle FTV helps Ava Addams (aka FTV Luna) into her lingerie for this shoot.


Ava Addams plays with a vibrator to get excited, so we get to see some very pink and swollen spread pussy closeups.


Ava Addams pushes her meaty pussy lips together and shows how stretchy they are.


Danielle reaches over and uses her fingers to see how wet and sticky that pussy is.

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Ava Addams hiking with her boobs out


Damn. If this is what Ava Addams (aka FTV Luna) looks like hiking, you can bet I’d be dragging my ass out there every day hoping to get a peek at that amazing figure.


A nice shot of Ava Addams sitting down and letting her boobs hang freely. Very nice.


Wow. I love everything about this picture. Ponytail, big natural boobs, and tight yoga pants exposing her tiny waist. It’s like a trifecta of bonerism.


Ava Addams stretching with her boobs out, following by a nice curvy ass flash. Sweet.

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Ava Addams the horny hiker

hiker boobs
Ava Addams as FTV Luna, popping her big natural tits out as she begins her outdoor hike up the mountain. They’re so big they cast their own shade.
waiting and horny
Ava Addams patiently waits for other people to go by so she can get more nekkid. She’s a horny hiker this day.
hiker boobs
These are splendid hiker boobs. If I saw these at the top of the mountain you can bet I’d be jogging my ass up there. What can I say? I think these big natural tits are just perfect.
hiker nudity
Ava Addams gets closer to full nudity as she gets ready to masturbate at the mountain top while a lookout keeps the coast clear.

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Ava Addams flashing the work men

ava addams public nudity
Ava Addams is out doing a public nudity shoot as FTV Luna, flashing her titties and upskirt pussy views at people as they drive by.
ava addams flashes pussy
Ava Addams gets some admiring attention from the work men across the street as she keeps flashing her pussy!
ava addams upskirt pussy
Ava Addams gets invited up on the truck lift, where she rewards us with nice upskirt pussy views. She’s really enjoying the attention.
side boobs
A really nice shot for those who like side boobs, as Ava Addams plays with the water cooler. Those titties sticking out are completely natural!

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Ava Addams flashes boobs at outdoor cafe

This is Ava Addam’s very first pics when she decided to leave Playboy and get full time into the porn business.
girl chat at cafe
Ava Addams has a girl chat with Danielle FTV prior to her nude photoshoot for First Time Video. She chose the alias FTV Luna.
ava addams public boobs
Ava Addams pulls out the big guns and flashes her boobs at a public cafe. I’d like mine with two squirts of milk to go, please.
ava addams boobs
Ava Addams stands up so we get a better look. That guy in the background is probably calling his buddy “Yo dude, you won’t believe the big titties I’m lookin’ at!” LOL.

You can see the FTV Luna HD sample video here.