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The plot is thin, but she does get to handle a huge cock. It is half white and half brown though. What is that? It doesn’t matter, Ava takes it deep and let’s him titty fuck her magnificent breasts before swallowing his swirly cum.

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Ava Addams uses her pornstar power for good, not evil.

Pornstar Ava Addams goes door to door to convince people to vote no on measure B, which requires all porn shoots to require condoms. Since this guy is so cute, she’s willing to go the full mile in order to get his support. And by full mile I mean this busty cougar humps his big dick and takes a load cum on her pretty face!

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Guy fantasy fucks his dad’s girlfriend Ava Addams.

In this video from American Daydreams, Ava Addams is the beautiful, sexy MILF his dad is dating. He tried to hit on her while he’s out of town, but to no avail. Frustrated, he goes to his bedroom where he fantasizes what it would be like to fuck Ava Addams and her giant tits before spraying his cum on her delicious tongue. Unfortunately, she catches him masturbating at the last minute…

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A sexy series of video clips of busty pornstar Ava Addams.

Just watch the first few moments of this video and tell me you don’t want to lay your hands all over Ava Addams’ incredible body. These are some great clips from PureMature, and the music is classy too. From blowjobs to titty fucking to hardcore sex, Ava Addams makes it all look great.

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Ava Addams fucks her married neighbor!

Ava Addams was attracted to her neighbor at first sight, but when she heard he used to be a marathon runner she decided to see how long he would last in the sack. She finds an excuse to get him alone, then uses her powers of seduction to get his cock out and in her face. Just another great sex video from Naughty America, and Ava Addams might be the naughtiest of all…

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Opening sequence is amazing – Ava Addams taking a shower with drops of water careening off her impressively firm tits. A little fantasizing later and Ava Addams finds herself in a cum dripping threesome fuck with Holly Michaels and Danny Mountain. These three end up banging like there’s no tomorrow. Another great porn video from Pure Mature.

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I was more than a little surprised to see Ava Addams on a Latin porn site, since she is of French and Italian descent, but whatever. In this video she has to deal with a crooked dick that plunges her hoo-ha and I can only imagine it must feel like a bent coat hanger scraping down a drain. But it’s her job to love that crooked dick, and she milks it with her mouth and pussy until he fires a cum load across her bow.

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Busty cougar Ava Addams strikes again! She seduces a rookie salesman she’s hard is a good lay from one of her neighbors. Now when you look like Ava Addams there’s not many guys that can or would resist her charms. Who would want to? She gets the cock she wants and fucks his brains out, putting another notch in her cougar belt.

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Ava Addams plays the role of a sexy married milf in this video, and after some boring bedroom talk with her hubby, they end up in a rather sensual fuck session. The chemistry is definitely there as they bone right on the bed. He pulls out and shoots a rather huge load all up and down her ample chest and torso, marking his territory with his white jizz.

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How many office fantasies involve banging the hot slut in the next cubicle? Probably all  of them. In this one Ava Addams fulfills her hardcore gangbang fantasy when these guys are driven crazy by her business outfit and black stockings. They rip her clothes off and bind her hands before triple penetrating every hole she has.


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